Michael Bisping Fires Back At Yoel Romero … Again!

Another day, another shot by fired by either UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping or future opponent and number one contender, Yoel Romero.

Bisping appeared on Monday’s “The MMA Hour” and discussed the incident last Thursday when he and Romero sparred on Twitter and the “Soldier of God” calling into his radio show on Sirius XM, “The Countdown”.

“It’s his Twitter account, yes, but I don’t believe that it’s actually him writing the tweets,” Bisping said on the show. “The guy can hardly speak English, but yet he seems to able to tweet it perfectly with the perfect punctuation, apostrophes, et cetera. And I really don’t believe that he has the wit. Look at him, the guy is knucklehead. He’s only a couple of DNA strands away from — he’s a barbarian. He’s a knucklehead. Come on, he hasn’t got wit. He hasn’t got humor. He called into my radio show last week, The Countdown. … I tried to have an intelligent discussion with this guy and all he could do was scream and shout and then hang up the phone.

“This guy, he’s got rocks for brains.”

Romero also took a jab at the brash Englishman last Wednesday, starting a Go Fund Me account to help pay for Bisping’s recent knee surgery. The former winner of “The Ultimate Fighter” appreciates the fact Romero did that for him even though he didn’t need it. As of this writing, it has only raised $225.

“I get it,” Bisping said. “It’s a decent stab, an attempt to stir the pot, so to speak. I’ll say first and foremost, I think there’s $200 in that pot. I’ll take that $200, thank you. I’ll go get a nice massage after I whoop his [expletive], when that day comes. Because make no mistake, that day will come. I’ll use that $200 to go for a nice massage, so thank you Yoel, I appreciate that. On a more serious note, GoFundMe pages do fantastic work for people who need help, so it was a little distasteful, him using that to mock me. I’m currently using a GoFundMe page to help a young child beat cancer for a fourth time, and thankfully Leo the Lion, we raised the money. So GoFundMe pages are great things, so I don’t know, (it was in) poor taste.

“Not what he was trying to do,” Bisping added. “That didn’t rub me the wrong way at all. I get it. He’s trying to get create excitement, he’s trying to get the fight, he’s trying to get people talking to me. He’s like a little annoyance in the corner. He’s a fly buzzing around my head, and that fly will get swatted, believe you me.”

Bisping is eyeing a return to the octagon and make the second defense of his 185-pound title in late spring. He realized he has the bulls eye on his back knowing former champ Luke Rockhold, former Strikeforce middleweight champ Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Romero are hot on his heels. And he left with a parting shot for the Cuban Olympic wrestler.

“Here’s the thing, I have the belt. And everybody wants to fight for the belt, everybody wants to be the champion,” Bisping said. “Of course they do, that’s part of the reason why we do this, and I totally get it. The reality of the situation is I can’t fight everybody at the same time. I can’t do that. So regardless of who I fight, there’s always going to be someone pissed off. People are talking[ expletive] about me. Where’s Luke Rockhold since I knocked him out? Has he come back and fought? No. People aren’t talking [expletive] about him. ‘Jacare’ wasn’t exactly the most busy person. He comes back and fights No. 13 ranked Tim Boestch. He did a great job, but he did what he should’ve done against Tim Boestch, no disrespect to Tim Boestch.

“There’s always going to be someone [expletive] off. Yoel Romero said he’s going to be [expletive] off, he’s calling me out. I can’t fight everybody on the same night. Fingers crossed, I get through them, I’ll happily fight them one by one. I’ve never turned anyone down. I’ve paid my dues to this sport. I’ve fought everybody. I’ve fought people on short notice. I’ve saved cards. I’ve fought people who we all knew were on [expletive] steroids at the time, and I still took those fights, and I went out there and fought and I went out on my shield. I did my best all that time, and now I’ve got the belt, and now I’ve got a little bit of say in the matter. That’s all it is.

“And if you don’t like it, tough [expletive]. That is the prize of being world champion. If you don’t like it, kiss my [expletive], because I have the belt and I do get a say. And that’s why I said to Yoel Romero: until I decide to fight you, you are my little [expletive]. Now go roll me a cigar.”