Tony Ferguson Says He Cuts 45 Pounds To Make Lightweight

Last Saturday Tony Ferguson was expecting to beat Khabib Nurmagomedov and be crowned the UFC interim lightweight champion. However, Khabib missed weight and the fight was scratched.

In the days following Tony grew increasingly more agitated at the circumstances. He missed out on a potential world title, a chance to earn a money fight against Conor McGregor and a pay day.

It’s because Khabib’s weight management was to blame for the bout’s cancellation that Tony went on the air and revealed just how much weight he has to cut in order to make the 155 pound limit at lightweight.

Ferguson took to Chael Sonnen’s podcast to let the world know that he’s, “Tired of all the pansies, I walk around at 200 pounds.”

To his credit, Ferguson is a tall lightweight who has never missed the mark when it was time to hit the scales. The fact that he actually cuts from 200 pounds and never pulled out of a fight over weight is pretty impressive.