Michael Johnson Explains Run In With Nate Diaz, That Almost Ended In A Fist Fight

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has a history of epic grudge matches. Fighters become scheduled to face one another, then the trash talking starts. For some, the mental warfare takes place on social media. But for others, face to face confrontation does the trick.

Back in 2015, UFC lightweight competitor Nate Diaz faced off against Michael Johnson. The fight went down at UFC on FOX 17, with Nate Diaz earning a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

However, the fight did not begin in the octagon at UFC on FOX 17. Before the event, the two fighters had a bit of a run. Walking by each other before medicals for the fight, tension grew between the fighters. Eventually, the two mixed martial arts warriors managed to attention from the surrounding people.

Michael Johnson offers his take on the incident in the video below.