“Rumble” Releases Statement On Brain Dead Tim Hague … And It’s A Real Eye Opener For The Retired Slugger

The UFC will miss retired knockout artist Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, but following this weekend’s tragedy surrounding Tim Hague, “Rumble” is happy he made the decision to hang ’em’ up.

UFC veteran Tim Hague took a boxing match on Friday night, that pretty much killed him. Currently sitting in a hospital, and declared brain dead, Hague used to strike fear in the hearts of many men.

Boxing though, isn’t MMA, and despite the larger gloves, the repeated head trauma has serious implications.

For “Rumble” Johnson, he admits to always having two fears. One, is killing a man with his devastating punching power, and the other is that he himself suffers serious injury or death.

The Hague tragedy has served as a reminder to Johnson, who recently retired after his last fight against Daniel Cormier.

In a statement, Johnson said,

This is why I walked away. This is a reality check for me! I’ve knocked a lot of ppl out and idk how this didn’t happen when I fought. I’ve been afraid of this happening to me and after learning about CTE I’m afraid of it happening to anybody. #RumbleSquad

This is why I walked away.This is a reality check for me!I've knocked a lot of ppl out and idk how this didn't happen…

Posted by Anthony Johnson on Saturday, June 17, 2017