Biggest Boxing Matches Held In Vegas

One of the top destinations worldwide for gambling is without a doubt Las Vegas, if you regularly play at online casino such as visiting Las Vegas is a must experience. The city also has gained a reputation for providing a wide range of entertainment options. For instance, one of the upcoming events that are garnering a lot of buzz is the fight slated to take placed between Floyd Mayweather and the UFC’s Conor McGregor in late August. Over the years there have been numerous fights which have also made Vegas a top spot for boxing.

Muhammad Ali vs. Larry Holmes, 2 October 1980

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali completed seven fights in Vegas over his career. This particular fight was his second to last competition ever. Many believe Ali was already suffering from early onset of Parkinson’s at this point which led Holmes to be reluctant at first to battle Ali. The fight drew a lot of attention and prompted Caesar’s Palace to construct their outdoor arena to accommodate a much larger audience. In the end Holmes dominated the fight.

Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns, 15 April 1985

Considered to be one of the best boxing matches in history, “The War” may have lasted only 8 minutes and 1 second but it was full of constant action and drama. At the end of the third round, Hagler was crowned the winner at the Caesar’s Palace Sports Pavilion after knocking out Hearns.

Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield II, 6 November 1993

This particular fight was memorable not only for a display of boxing skill but for a peculiar event that occurred during the 7th round. A resident of the state parachuted into the ring, tangling his lines in the lighting. As a result, there was a delay of over 20 minutes to restore order and escort the parachute out of Caesar’s Palace Arena. Once the fight resumed, it took another four and a half rounds for Holyfield to take the win.

When the Mayweather-McGregor fight occurs in 26 August, will it make the list for top Vegas fights? Many believe it will with the favourite being Mayweather.