Mayweather vs. McGregor Boxing Betting Odds

A fight that is dubbed as the match of the century, we can be sure that McGregor vs. Mayweather promises to be a more than epic. These two fighters are going head to head come 26 August 2017, an event that will attract thousands, if not millions of viewers all over the world. Bookmakers earmarks this once in a lifetime match to give you a wide variety of betting odds, where you can place your bets as you watch your favourite do the magic in the ring.

The upcoming fight is hard to predict by most. Many ask how the two will prepare and what their strategies are for success. One of the opponents, McGregor, is a well known attack minded fighter who enjoys aggressive action in the face of his challenger. Will McGregor continue with this technique or are we to witness a change? Mayweather on the other hand, thrives on defence and well timed counters. How these two are to approach this match is of extreme importance in whether they either wills win or not. For the rest of us though, all we can deduce at this point, is past performance success with the hope that they won’t deviate much, in order for us to have realistic chances of winning big.

On the other hand, there’s a general consensus that the fight will be too strenuous for McGregor, according to many bookmakers. Online bookies are tipping Mayweather to just about edge McGregor and keep his record intact. This is understandable considering the outstanding record Mayweather holds with a flawless 49-0 professional performance.

Many bookmakers opened a wide variety of markets for the highly anticipated match. Some of the popular markets include Total Rounds, Round Betting and Round Group Betting. The Total Rounds market is determined by the number of rounds a match will or will not last. Top bookies are paying 3/1 for less than 4.5 rounds, signalling that the fight won’t exceed the 13 minutes and 30 second mark. For over 9.5 rounds, you can bet on 6/5 odds and this market is quite impressive in that it covers all rounds from 2.5 to 10.5. The Round betting market determines which round the match will end in. We can truly say that this is a lucrative market, although the odds are as big as 33/1 for an early stoppage and 18/1 for a late stoppage. Round group betting is similar to that of the round betting market, with the only difference being that the ending rounds are combined, giving you a better chance of winning. For the first six rounds there are 9/1 odds and 9/4 odds for an end in round 9-12.


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