Video: Floyd & Paulie Reveal McGregor Sparring Was Pre-Planned, Paulie Nothing More Than A Spy For Floyd

There’s two things to consider when watching this video of Paulie Malignaggi and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The first thing to consider is that they’re potentially just full of sh*t. This could be nothing more than competitive posturing from Floyd, trying to gain access to the mental aspect of Conor McGregor’s pre-fight strategy.

Or, they could be telling the truth. With boxing so against Conor McGregor, longtime friends Floyd and Paulie really could have made arrangements for Paulie to be a spy inside Conor’s camp.

With Paulie and Conor having had a falling out, there’s really no telling what’s true. Paulie could simply be looking for revenge, and joining in on the mind games, or this could all be very real.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself: