Magana Says Media And Trump Are Lying, Hundreds Dying, Thousands Need Aid As Dead Bodies Rot In Puerto Rico

UFC strawweight fighter Angela Magana says the media and Donald Trump are lying, and hundreds are dying in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

Puerto Rico resident UFC fighter Angela Magana opted not to evacuate her home with the latest hurricane struck down.

As a result, she’s on the front lines of a critical disaster area.

If you are to believe the main stream media and the Trump Whitehouse, workers and aid are there, and everyone’s doing just fine.

The UFC’s own Angela Magana paints a totally different picture of what’s really going on in PR, and it sounds like a nightmare.

She’s on the ground, and through her various social media channels has painted a pretty dark picture.

She tells the story best:

Dont let the news fool you! There are well over 40 deaths and many not counted as people are forced to bury dead loved ones in their front yard as there is nowhere to put dead bodies. Hospitals shut down cuz of dead bodies that cant be refrigerated. Its getting worst everyday. #savepuertorico #prayforpuertorico

Lets imagine NYC’s infrastructure breaking down due to politics, so badly that hospitals close because dead bodies are rotting and now the dead are being burried in their yards. Thats the #realnews in #puertorico #helpuertorico

Update more than 200 patients have died in hospital. But the Marriot and top resorts are fully functioning.

And then on twitter she stated:

This is reliable #realnews out of PR. Now government may not include deaths due to machines not functioning without power… Over 700??

Woke up and we have no water again. 17 days without electricity and 15.5 without water

Crazy, right?