UFC Releases The First Official UFC 218: Holloway vs. Edgar Poster

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is on a quest to collect his second UFC title. The former champion is considered the best lightweight to ever compete in the UFC and has been wanting to add the featherweight title to his resume for quite sometime.

Edgar will once again have an opportunity to win the UFC featherweight belt when he faces Max “Blessed” Holloway at UFC 218 on December 2nd, and said he’s looking forward to proving the doubters wrong yet again.

“He’s a stud,” Edgar said during an interview with UFC.com. “Just look at his record, it speaks volumes about what kind of fighter he is. And he’s so young, so he’s still coming into his own. It’s going to be a tall mountain to climb, but this is the spot I’m always in, it’s a spot that I relish and I look forward to proving people wrong again.”

Edgar is determined to taste UFC gold once again, and says his stubbornness and drive is why he’s in the position he’s currently in.

“It just means that my stubbornness was for something,” Frankie Edgar continued. “The fact that I haven’t taken my sights off that title and being number one, it will all be worth it when I get the title. I always feel like I put a hundred percent into everything I do and I do everything the right way, but I feel that if I don’t get this title, I’ll have some regret, and I don’t want to live with that,”

Reigning UFC champ Max Holloway isn’t worried about anyone nipping at his heels though and has already put his entire line of contenders on notice.

“If I didn’t fight you, get ready,” Holloway told the Fight Society podcast. “Cause what you’re seeing is not what you’re getting. Everybody looking from the outside into the cage, they think they can do this, this and this. When they step in there it’s a different thing with me. So if I didn’t fight you yet, make sure you cover all your bases cause I’m coming., and if I did fight you already, like I told [Cub Swanson] when he was interviewing me after my fight, you’re going to get it again. Get ready to get it again.”

Earlier today Edgar and Holloway squared off for the first time and the size difference was extremely noticeable and now the UFC has also released the fight poster for their much anticipated title fight.

Check it out: