Head Of USADA Says Jon Jones Might Get Acquitted Of All Charges

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping says USADA VP Jeff Novitzky spoke to him off the record about the case of Jon Jones. Now, Bisping goes on record to reveal what he knows, and he says it’s looking like Jon Jones might get acquitted from his recent drug test failure.

Taking to his own “Believe You Me” podcast (segment replay above), Michael Bisping had some news on the Jon Bones Jones situation.

“Apparently there is this talk that he might be getting cleared and DC and Jones would have to do it again for a third time, which would just be insane”

“Well, USADA is looking into it… its an ongoing investigation. I cant give you a hard and fast update exactly, but I was speaking with Jeff Novitzky about it a while ago and there is a few lines of inquiry, that they are going out and testing supplements.”

“They are doing all kinds of stuff, so… you know, I mean, listen, there is no smoke without fire, and of course everybody uses the tainted supplement as their defense, but they are trying… they are trying and if they’re trying they might find something…

“A loophole, you might find a technicality, but they are certainly trying to spend a lot of money on testing all these supplements. So, I think basically when people are doing that they are just looking for a technical way to get out of it. A plausible reason where they can say, ‘Oh you have been suspended for this amount already, 3 months and you are back.'”

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