Video: Nate Diaz And Crew Mobbing Through New York, Filming Bum Fights [New]

It would appear that Nate Diaz and his crew of friends spotted something rather unexpected while strolling through New York. In the video above, the group spotted a rather shocking street fight.

UFC superstar Nate Diaz has earned a hoard of fight fans throughout his storied career in mixed martial arts. The MMA veteran has taken on some of the toughest and most talented competitors in the sport during his career, quickly earning Diaz the reputation as a top competitor.

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz go toe-to-toe in an octagon war

Diaz has not competed inside the octagon since 2016, having waged a two fight war with Conor McGregor that quickly became one of the most popular moments of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). That being said, Diaz now finds other ways to keep himself busy.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor.

In the video above, a man can be seen offering a few clips from his recent adventure with Nate Diaz out in New York. The group can be seen observing two individuals getting into a heated physical confrontation on the New York streets.

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