With A 20 Pound Advantage And Missed Weight, Prazeres Dominant Against Green | UFC Results

On Friday, Michel Prazeres weighed in five pounds heavy for the UFC Fight Night 125 official weigh-ins. Desmond Green, the fighter’s opponent then worked out a catch weight deal with Prazeres.

While the fighter’s are now set to face off, Prazeres ultimately weighed in 180 on fight night, well over the discussed maximum for the fighters’ deal. Still, the fighter’s are throwing down tonight, Feb 3, for the exciting fight card. Check out the UFC results below.

The fight kicked off with a bang, as Green managed to stun his opponent early on. The fighter then pressured Prazeres into the fence, with the two entering a clinch war.

Green then managed to get his opponent to the canvas, but Prazeres quickly made his way to his feet. Back in the center of the octagon, the two mixed martial arts warriors began exchanging blows before Prazeres went for another takedown.

Prazeres managed to get his opponent to the mat, but the referee quickly called a momentary top to the fight. The referee warned Prazeres to stop striking Green in the back of the head. Prazeres waved off the referee and continued striking.

The referee grabbed the arm of Prazeres and stood the fighter up, offering the fighter another warning.

The second round opened up at a slower pace, as each fighter appeared to respect each other’s power. Green then slammed his opponent into the canvas with a successful takedown.

Prazeres, however, managed to make it back to his feet before suffering too much significant damage. Halfway through the round, Green managed to pressure his opponent back into the fence.

Prazeres reversed the position and tripped Green to the canvas. Prazeres attempted an arm triangle submission, but Green escaped the position.

Prazeres then sunk in a north south choke, but Green once again escaped the finish. This was seemingly a dominant round for Prazeres.

The final round opened with a methodical pace. Green stuffed a takedown attempt from Prazeres early on, following up with a right straight to the fighter’s face.

Halfway through the final round, Prazeres continued to push the pace of the fight. Still, both fighters appeared gassed from their intense ten minutes of combat.

With just over one minute left in the fight, Prazeres scored a takedown on Green. Prazeres continued to pummel Green from the dominant position, as the referee administered another warning to Prazeres concerning striking the back of the head.

With Green having survived the round, this one has gone the distance.

UFC Results: Michel Prazeres def. Desmond Green via unanimous decision

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