Months After Doctors Said He’d Never Walk Again, Straus Has resumed MMA Training

Two-time former Bellator champion Daniel Straus was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident within Florida last year. While the fighter was informed that he would never walk again, Straus is now back in training.

After suffering a motorcycle accident in December of 2017, Straus was informed my his medical physician that he may never walk again. The fighter responded shortly after with a photo of himself standing from his chair while still in the hospital.

Now the former Bellator title holder has decided to kick things up a notch. In the video above, Straus can be seen moving around and hitting the pads in some intense training.

Daniel Straus has put on a stunning career within the sport of mixed martial arts. Accruing a professional record of 24-8, Straus has taken on some of the sport’s toughest and most talented fighters during his career.

Now it would appear that the fighter has now intentions of stopping his training following his recent accident.

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