“Shogun” Rua Finally Reacts To Entering The UFC Hall Of Fame

Back at UFC 139, mixed martial arts veterans Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua entered a five round battle for division dominance. The back and forth war pulled the local crowd to their feet, as Henderson eventually went on to earn a unanimous decision victory over his fellow battered opponent.

During the live UFC 224 broadcast, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) revealed that the famous match up is now set to enter the “fight” wing of the UFC Hall of Fame. Speaking in a recent press conference, as seen within the video above, “Shogun” Rua offered his thoughts on the matter.

During the conference, Rua revealed that he believes his position in the hall of fame to be considered his “third belt” following his UFC and Pride titles.

A translation may be viewed below:

“I consider this trophy the “third belt” that I have: Pride, UFC and Hall of fame. This is a big achievement for very few people. In Brazil only Royce and Big Nog have it, so I got very happy. I was able to be more successul in my career than I ever imagined, so I´m very thankful for it. But I have other things to achieve.”

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