Conor: ‘Nate’s A [Expletive] … We’ll Fight Again Though, For My Belt’

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor performed an interview with sports journalist Ariel Helwani on Saturday, in which he had a few choice words for his long time rival Nate Diaz. In response to a recent FaceTime recording between Nate Diaz and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor has shot back with his own two cents on the subject.

“Nate’s a [Expletive]! Nate’s a [Expletive] [Expletive] and let me tell you why. I had the biggest respect for Nate, and I still have big respect for Nate. He’s still out there doing his thing. But when he took that video call on Floyd Mayweather and was like ‘hello floyd’s fans!’ He was floyd’s [Expletive] that night. I was like, ‘You [Expletive] [Expletive]. You absolute p***y. When he had that video call and Floyd was saying, ‘You made McGregor tap out.’ And Floyd was saying, ‘I’m going to finish the job.’ He should have said, ‘Shut your [Expletive] mouth and I’ll strangle you too.” And post that everywhere.” He said. “And I get it, Nate. Don’t get me wrong. Me and Nate will throw down again, 100%. I imagine it would be for the lightweight world title, 155.”

In response to recent rumors of GSP returning to the octagon and of UFC stars vying for a fight with the UFC lightweight champion, McGregor said,

“Look, I’ll fight every one of them. Make sure the numbers are right. Make sure the situation is right. I’ll fight any one of them, any given time.”

Via online pay-per-view, the original interview may be viewed here.