D.C. Admits He’s Training For Jon Jones In Camp, Not “Rumble” Johnson

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier will be stepping into the octagon at “UFC 210” later this year to defend his crown against heavy-hitting Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Even though this will be the second time the two have squared off for the championship, the result could be drastically different as D.C. has vowed to stand with “Rumble”.

D.C. has recently admitted (via. MMA Fighting) that he is not specifically training for the wrestling or striking game of Johnson, but rather to match the skillset of Jon “Bones” Jones who is currently serving a suspension:

“I’m not really worried about what Anthony Johnson does. I have to worry about what I do to prepare myself. If I can be completely honest with you, the only guy that I actually watch what he does – try to game plan for him specifically – is [Jon] Jones. Because I know that against the rest of those guys my skills will outweigh their skills in the fight.

“I have to be specifically prepared for Jones because his skill set is so diverse and so unique, whereas Anthony is a big puncher, a big kicker. There are ten guys in the division like that. You don’t see many Jon Jones’s. Every heavyweight punches hard like Anthony does. Every 205 pounder’s fast. There are a lot of guys that mimic his type of style whereas there’s only one Jones so I feel like he’s the only guy that I specifically game plan for.”