Glory Champ Doubts “Wonderboy’s” Undefeated Kickboxing Record

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has already challenged for the UFC Welterweight Championship once, but he’s getting ready for his second consecutive shot in a row at “UFC 209”! He will be challenging Tyron Woodley for his title in the main event of the Las Vegas card and even though he has lived up to his reputation in the octagon, a top-tier kickboxer is questioning “Wonderboy’s” legitimacy as an undefeated kickboxer.

Joe “Bazooka” Valtellini recently spoke out on a recent edition of “Joe Rogan Experience” saying that he isn’t too sure how legitimate Thompson’s undefeated claim is:

“You hear about these guys — ‘undefeated as a kickboxer’. Like, hey we are the same weight. If you are undefeated … So how come we never heard of each other or saw each other?”