Here’s the 2017 Comeback of the Year and it’s only January

We are only one month into 2017 and a lots of fights have taken place. But none of them pale into comparison to what took place on January in the India promotion’s Super Fight League 2017: Wreck Thy Neighbour.

The fight was between Jason Solomon representing Team Dehli Heroes and Haryana Sultans’ Amit Kumar in a team vs team fight which is similar of the concept the IFL tried to adopt.

Kumar dropped Soloman with a hard right hand that Solomon staggering all around the cage with Kumar chasing him and trying to finish the fight. For some ungodly reason, the referee allowed the fight to continue.

Solomon missed a flying kick and Kumar took advantage of the situation and advanced to mount. Solomon got the sweep, took Kumar’s back and got the rear-naked choke for the victory.

Yes, the card took place in India. And yes, the referee’s aren’t close the level of those in other parts of the world. But it will be difficult to find a comeback that will top this one in 2017.