Cyborg Fires Back At Rogan For Latest Comments, Offers Proof Against His Alternative Facts

On a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, the UFC commentator made some false comments towards Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. She claimed Rogan has his “own alternative facts.”

One of the statements Rogan made, on Saturday during his Fight Companion podcast, was he said Justino weighs north of 190 pounds. On Monday, Justino went to Twitter to show Rogan he was incorrect.

Justino shared a picture of herself weighing in at 174 pounds, much less than what Rogan suggested.

Rogan also claimed that Justino failed two drug tests from USADA. However, Justino was only flagged for one out-of-competition drug test.

In December, Justino was flagged for a potential USADA violation after testing positive for a diuretic.

Rogan later said during his podcast that Justino will be banned forever from the sport.

However, with diuretic being considered a specified substance in the UFC’s anti-doping policy, “Cyborg” is facing a one-year suspension.

If given an official suspension from USADA, Justino would likely be free to compete once again in Jan. 2018.