Ian McCall’s Lengthy Record Of Fight Cancellations Is Absolutely Absurd

Whether Ian McCall’s fight schedule is the butt of a cosmic joke or the awful wrath of a bemusing, ancient, angry Sumerian god is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain. McCall has had a stunning round of bad luck when it comes to scheduling fights.

With eight fight cancellations within the past three years, as well as a single loss, McCall’s near unceasing patience in this sport must be something worthy of angering an ancient deity.

Lucky for McCall, it would seem that the UFC fighter’s run of bad luck may have finally ended.

With Neil Seery’s recent exclusion from UFC 208, newcomer Jarred Brooks has taken the spot to face off against “Uncle Creepy” in the Barclay’s Center Brooklyn, New York on February 11, 2017.