Bisping and Romero Go At It On Twitter, Both Question Each Other’s Drug Testing

It looked like after Yoel Romero knocked out Chris Weidman at UFC 207 that he would be next in line for a shot at middleweight champion Michael Bisping. They verbally sparred during Romero’s in-cage interview after the fight.

Romero had teased the fight would take place at UFC 208, but Bisping pumped the brakes and said it would be in the spring as he needed to have knee surgery.

Bisping recently had the surgery and Romero sent Bisping a message on Twitter wishing him a good surgery. And the native of Manchester, England responded like he only can and an exchange ensued.

Bisping was refering to when Romero tested positive last January for ibutamoren. It was revealed that Romero ingested a tainted supplement and was given a six-month suspension by USADA.

Romero was referring to getting tested by USADA once month while feeling like Bisping isn’t getting tested whatsoever. When the fight does get announced, it should have intense trash talk.

We wish the middleweight champ well in his recovery and look forward to when he fights the 2000 Olympic silver medalist in freestyle wrestling.