Pena DESTROYS Holm — ‘She’s the Buster Douglas Of The UFC’

Long after Ronda Rousey’s rise to the top of mixed martial arts, she drew comparisons to boxing’s Mike Tyson due to how dominant the mainstream media thought she was. Rousey would walk into the octagon and had an aura to her that didn’t concern fans IF she was going to win a fight, but rather WHEN.

WHEN Holly Holm shocked the world and knocked Rousey out with ease when they met, those comparisons quickly faded. After Holm suffered defeat in her first title defense, however, and went on to lost a second consecutive fight Julianna Pena saw fit to label Holm as the “Buster Douglas of MMA”. She told MMA Fighting:

“She beat the Buster Douglas of MMA. So what? Buster Douglas had his one moment against Mike Tyson and then he lost every other big fight he was in. Holly, she had her moment against Ronda, she beat Ronda, and now they’re giving her another title fight even though she lost two fights in a row. Who else did she beat besides Ronda? No one. She’s this sport’s Buster Douglas.”