The Paul Daley Damaged Eye … Three Days Later

Few people can successfully take a punch from a world class MMA athlete. Most of the time, the professionals make it look easy. Fifteen minutes of pounding on each other and these fighters often get up and ask for more. But, sometimes even the professionals get plastered, just ask Brennan Ward.

In the midst of Bellator 170’s drag out performance with welterweight Paul Daley, Ward managed to do something that many professionals fighters often do, take a knee to the face.

On Saturday, at Bellator 170, Ward was viciously knocked out by Daley after Daley landed a spinning back elbow followed by a flying knee.

On Tuesday, just days after being knocked out, Ward posted a photo to show how much his eye has healed. Ward seems optimistic about his future in Bellator.

“Healing up fine. I’ll be back in no time. Plenty of mofos to smash at 170 & 185. I ain’t going nowhere,” Ward wrote on his Instagram.