UFC Results: Shevchenko Derails Pena, Submits Her Via Armbar In Tonight’s Main Event

The fate of the women’s bantamweight division hung in the balance during Valentina Shevchenko’s and Julianna Pena’s main event clash at “UFC on FOX 23”. The top-ranked bantamweight fighters were both one win away from a championship fight walking into the octagon, but only one woman would walk out with her hands raised above her head.

Pena pushed the pace and pressed Shevchenko up against the fence, looking to drain the gas tank of her opponent. The plan backfired for the grappler, however, as Shevchenko tripped her down to the mat with ease. Pena wouldn’t stay on her back for long as she went right back to pressing Shevchenko up against the fence. It wasn’t long before Shevchenko put Pena on her back again, landing directly in side control.

Shevchenko postured up and dished out some heavy hammer fists, forcing Pena to scramble where she trapped Shevchenko in her guard. Pena tried to transition to an armbar but it was too little, too late as the round expired.

Pena went right back to pressing Shevchenko up against the fence for a takedown attempt, but Shevchenko did a brilliant job in blocking it. Instead of working hard for a takedown that she didn’t get in the opening round, Pena fired off knees to the gut of Shevchenko to get some offense. Pena finally got her takedown in the middle of the second round, but Shevchenko got right back up to fight off more takedown attempts.

With just two minutes remaining in the second, Pena finally secured her first takedown that stayed on the ground for more than ten seconds. Pena postured up and tried to fire off hammer fists of her own, but a shoulder issue would keep her from throwing heavy bombs with her right arm.

Shevchenko trapped Pena in an armbar toward the end of the round and Pena had no choice but to submit!

Valentina Shevchenko def. Julianna Pena by way of Submission (Armbar) 4:29 of Round 2