Chael Sonnen: ‘Losing To Tito Makes Me The Worst Fighter In MMA … I’m Now That Champion’

Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz stepped into the cage at “Bellator 170” to settle the score of their heated rivalry in a main event clash that lasted all of one round. The two took the fight to the canvas where Sonnen locked Ortiz up with a guillotine, but Ortiz was able to wriggle out of the hold.

Sonnen thought he had felt Ortiz physically tap as well as verbally, but the referee did not catch it which led to a submission win for Ortiz. Sonnen took to his “You’re Welcome” podcast to break down exactly what happened in the scrap, and finished by crowning himself the worst fighter in the sport:

“Tito’s the worst fighter in the sport. We were fighting for title. I took his title. I am now the worst fighter in the sport. Whoever I fight next, if I win that fight, he then becomes the worst fighter because I’ve officially got the crown, and that’s tough.”