Cops Won’t Help, But Jake Shields Does … MMA Star Saves Man From Mob Of Attackers

Earlier this year, violent protests took place at the University of California in Berkeley due to controversial internet figure Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor with the conservative website Breitbart was supposed to speak at the campus. The event was cancelled and things got violent at the college.

In the middle of the fracas was former Strikeforce middleweight champion and UFC veteran Jake Shields, who helped diffuse a situation that could have gotten a lot worse.

A male who is unidentified was getting attacked in the middle of the protest by people in masks. The 38-year-old intervened while police and people just there and watched what was happening.

“Dude, you guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being (expletive) fascists,” Shields told one of the masked people. “Look at you guys, you’re (expletive) embarrassing.”

Thank god Shields was there or who knows what might have happened to the person.

Check it out: