Cris Cyborg Explains How Damaging False Comments From Joe Rogan Can Be

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has a very powerful platform in his “Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast. Millions of people listen to that show, and what he says does make an impact among his followers.

With his role at the UFC so highly regarded, UFC fans also take what he says to heart. So, when Joe discusses controversial topics he actually owes his audience the truth. Fans look to him for knowledge and when he’s wrong about something the impact it has can be damaging for those on the other end of it.

No one knows this better than Cris Cyborg. She explained to The MMA Hour,

“It was a tough time, but I knew I did nothing wrong, I had not cheated.”

“I lost a lot of public appearances, I lost sponsors, during the two-month investigation. But I’m happy, everything’s great now, and I have to say thank you to my team, to my lawyer, thank you to Jeff Novitzy who works for UFC who helped me and my team go through everything in the process.”

“People judge before. The problem is that some media, they don’t know what’s going on. And a guy like Joe Rogan, who has six million followers, and these guys say I cheated and that I’m going to be banned for life, and then people believe that. People don’t wait to see the results, they judge.

“I was really stressed about everything, because I did a mistake one time in my life, and then I learned a lot of things about this mistake. And the one thing I learned the first time, just some people stay with you. This time, same thing. These are the people I really trust, who stay with me, and I appreciate everyone.”

Cris was recently found not guilty in a recent case with the UFC’s drug testers at USADA. Though what she took was on the banned list, she had the proper  medical reasons and was able to provide proof of that. She was not flagged for performance enhancing drugs.