Dan Hardy May be Returning to the Octagon

UFC's Dan Hardy.

Former welterweight fighter Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy is looking to step inside the octagon once again. Better yet, he believes he has the paperwork to prove it.

In an interview with MMA Junkie at tonight’s Cage Warriors 80 event, the UFC analyst explained that he is currently getting the necessary paperwork in order before he begins major negotiations with the promotion. He believes that the paperwork is ready, but there are still hurdles left to deal with.

Hardy told MMA Junkie,

“The UFC’s changed a lot since I was fighting. (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) has come in now, and there’s a lot more restrictions and stipulations on stepping back into competition.” He said.

“So I need to cross all those bridges, as well, if I think about it, and if I think it’s right for me. It’s been four years since I’ve done a training camp so I have to see how my body feels. I’m walking at 185 (pounds), I feel strong, I feel lean. I feel better psychologically than I ever have in my career.”

That being said, Hardy made it clear that he is not currently interested in jump-starting his fighting career entirely.

“I’ll reiterate: I’m not interested in belts or rankings. If I’m stepping back in it’s gonna be a big fight. I’ll step in and have a good war, and then I’ll step away and back into commentary.”

Following up on why he would rather commentate at the moment, Hardy explained:

“Honestly I think I’m more valuable to the sport in the role that I’m doing now. There aren’t many people that can really explain mixed martial arts in my opinion, and I’m trying my best. And I think we need more people like me in the sport to educate the new fans that are joining us.”

“The Outlaw” was successfully riding a two fight win streak before he retired. He has not been inside the octagon since his unanimous decision victory over Amir Sodallah in 2012 at UFC on Fuel 5.