Dominick Cruz Talks Garbrandt-Dillashaw, Wants To Fight Both Of Them Upon Return

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz knows a fight with T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt is inevitable, but he does not seem to mind.

On a recent episode of Joe Rogan Experience, Cruz discussed the chances of seeing the bantamweight champion again in the octagon, as well as the No. 2 contender.

“I would like to see how he (Garbrandt) can do. Let’s see if he can keep a win streak going. Let’s see if he can keep the belt at all against the guy that I already fought. And let’s see what T.J. can do with this opportunity.” Cruz continued.

“This is the thing, I don’t mind seeing what these gentlemen can do with it. Because I fought them both. And I know what it takes to be the best for a very long time, not just for one fight. And I’m not sure if they have what it takes yet. But I’m here, and I’d like to challenge them again to find out.”

Cruz does not believe that he is the only one interested in fighting the two bantamweights.

“If I do one fight this year, okay. Go back and win my title, okay. And then defend it another three times in one year, okay. These guys are gonna fight, there’s gonna be a winner, people want to see me fight them. I really believe that.” Cruz said.

“They want to fight me, I’ll tell you that. Both of them. So, what’s the rush other than being perfectly healthy so I could put that show on?”

No. 2 contender T.J. Dillishaw and bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt will be coaching The Ultimate Fighter season 25. After the show, the two will have to face each other in the octagon. Following the title fight, Cruz is clearly looking for some of the action.