Fighter Agrees To One Night, 3 Opponent MMA Gauntlet – WATCH

If your typical one on one, mixed martial arts fight isn’t enough action for you, there’s always a way to kick things into a higher gear. We’ve seen fighters opt to do tag team MMA, and even arm wrestling with MMA, but this might be the first time a fighter has agreed to a gauntlet of three different opponents.

VCLMMA had the scoop on what went on here.

“Muhammad Ikhlaq of Lahore AKA “Fracture” took up the challenge to fight 3 opponents in one night. 1 match was amateur rules while the other 2 were pro rules matches.”

The first fight was under amateur rules, and his opponent was Farman Gul from Champions club lahore.

The second gauntlet fight was under pro rules and his opponent was Haider Zaman of Zaman dojo lahore.

The third and last fight of the gauntlet was against Junaid Butt of Imran Gym and was under pro rules.