Former Training Partner Breaks Silence On Rousey’s Striking And Training, Was Not Impressed

Ronda Rousey lost her second consecutive fight when she got knocked out by Amanda Nunes at December’s UFC 207. Many have focused on Rousey’s striking as she tried to plow through the women’s bantamweight champions punches and she showed a lack of striking prowess.

Not only did the world see it but so did someone who had worked closely with the former women’s champion and noticed the same thing everyone else did.

“Her striking was really bad, “former Rousey training partner and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist in boxing Tony Jeffries said to Star Sport. We never really had a chance to see it, but it should’ve been her footwork that she was working on.

“There was no footwork there, she was just walking forward. She should’ve been practising her footwork, trying to defend those punches and going for the takedown. Looking for the counter and taking her down.

“Not running forward and trying to through punches, that was silly. Now, I don’t know if this was down to a bad camp, or through Ronda’s mindset or what.

“If I was training Ronda for that fight, I would’ve just been drilling it into her about the footwork and trying to defend the punches and going for the takedown.

“But I didn’t see any of that.”

It is unknown as to when Jeffries trained with Rousey as she makes them sign non-disclosure agreement but obviously it wasn’t for the Nunes fight.