Frank Mir Puts Brian Stann’s ‘Boring’ Interview Skills On Blast

UFC Fight Night 105’s main event seems to bubble back up into conversation every few days. Well, to keep this topical train moving, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has his own opinion on the event. More accurately, the heavyweight has a bone to pick with the post-fight interview.

Frank Mir is not entirely enthused by Brian Stann’s post-fight interview with “The Black Beast” at UFC Fight Night 105. He even thought it was boring. Admittedly, that is a brand new take on the subject, as the post-fight interview with Derrick Lewis has been talked about ever since it initially aired.

At last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 105, heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Travis Browne decked it out for the main event. Lewis walked away with another KO victory, as he defeated Browne in the second round. While the fight was entertaining to most, Mir found the post-fight interview a little dull.

In an interview with MMA Sound, the former heavyweight champion said:

“The question was asked very boringly by Brian Stann. You know, ‘Well you were hit to the body and you look like you were hurt.’ Well, no (expletive) Shirlock, a guy who was 6’8” just put his foot through my stomach and I put my arms around my belly. Yeah, I was hurt. I think anybody, even on life support, could have realized that I was hurt.” Mir continued.

“So I think that he could have probably maybe angled the question a bit more along the lines of, ‘You were hurt. What was your plan to try to overcome that? Were you thinking that maybe you would start throwing the kick or were you going to jam in up? What did your corner say to you in between, to help try and identify how to conquer or overcome that?”

Reiterating on his distaste for the interview, Mir said:

“Stating out that there was a problem is the same kind of commentary that, now that I do more broadcasting, I see is so boring.”

While this fight, as well as its post interview, have been bubbling up into conversation for days. This is probably the first time anyone has thrown the term “boring” into the mix.

Frank Mir’s most recent bout was a first round KO loss to Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85 last March.