GSP Comments: ‘Just when I thought I was out of the game….’

Georges St-Pierre shocked the mixed martial arts community in 2013 when he forfeited his UFC Welterweight Championship after announcing a temporary retirement. The company had evolved into a completely different monster over the years in the absence of GSP, and by the time he was ready for a comeback to the sport the ownership had changed and the two parties had to build a deal from scratch.

Just months after declaring himself a free agent, St-Pierre finally worked a deal out with the UFC for an eventual return to the octagon. St-Pierre is now back on the mats and can’t believe he’s back in the game altogether:

“Just when I thought I was out, they drag me right back in the game this morning after the 7:30am BJJ class at RGA NYC. ? Thanks to @Gordonlovesjiujitsu @garrytonon @tazagarami @ethancrelinsten @jasonraubjj89 for the training.”