Hardy Not A Fan Of Bellator’s Matchmaking … And All Those Old Relic Fighters

Recent threats by Bellator president Scott Coker seem to be having no effect on “The Outlaw,” as UFC analyst Dan Hardy is continuing to question Bellator’s decisions.

After “The Outlaw” posted a tweet which claimed that Bellator 170’s main event was fixed, Bellator president Scott Coker became a little frustrated with the UFC analysts.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, stated “The #Bellator170 main event was more choreographed than a Brittany Spears music video. Shame really… It might have been a fun fight.”

Coker has since claimed that he is in talks with Bellator’s official lawyer, as he is looking into what legal actions he can take against “The Outlaw.”

Well, Hardy seems hardly concerned, as he has now decided to critique Bellator 170’s main event yet again.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Hardy admitted his frustration with the bouts Bellator has been setting up.

“The other thing that frustrates me, as well, is Bellator have got so much talent on their roster. Why are we watching these old relics battle it out in main events? I want to see the talented fighters that they’ve already got competing.” Hardy explained.

The news is not all bad, as Hardy is looking forward to Daley and MacDonald’s bout at Bellator 179.

“I mean, (Paul Daley vs. Rory MacDonald) is a great fight. What a great fight. (Michael Page), we need to see more of that kid. We need to see him matched up against contenders that we know their status (so) we know where they’re at.”

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy is currently trying to get back into the octagon. Most recently, Hardy has claimed to have been cleared by a top cardiologist.