JDS Confirms That Werdum Keeps Turning Down Fights … 3 So Far

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s heavyweight division may be as stacked as it has ever been with the rise of the likes of Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov entering the mix. However, Junior dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum still remain a step above the talent ranked outside of the top five, and despite having a championship opportunity lined up for “UFC 211” in Dallas, Texas dos Santos has his eye on Werdum.

Werdum reportedly turned down a heavyweight clash with JDS who ultimately signed on for a championship bout against Stipe Miocic. Now, dos Santos tells MMA Hour that Werdum has turned down a total of three offers to fight him:

“For the third time he said no. I cannot understand. I cannot understand how he says so many bad things. The worst thing is, after all the crazy things, he comes and said he would come to my gym to beat me up. What? What is this guy saying? He just denied to make money fighting against me in a real fight, a professional fight, and now he wants to come here fight for free? What’s happening with this guy? I don’t understand anything. I think he’s confused, he’s completely lost on everything that he’s saying. But I think the right thing is happening right now.”