Joe Rogan Roasts A Pastor, Tells Him To Smoke Weed And Learn Science

When Joe Rogan isn’t commentating for the UFC, he hosts a podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” and performs comedy shows across the United States.

Rogan was in rare form during a Q&A session before the weigh-ins at UFC 114 in May of 2010.

The bombastic analyst was asked a question about how they could become the UFC chaplain. Rogan answered like he only can.

Well, what if there’s Muslims fighting? What do you want to do for them? What if there’s Atheists? Are you going to try and convert them? I don’t think we need a chaplain.

The fan comes back and says everyone sport has a chaplain.

“We are trying to break trends, man,” Rogan retorts.

The fan asks again how he could become the chaplain for the UFC.

“If i was you, I’d smoke weed and look through a microscope,” Rogan said.

With that, we say good night.