Lewis Breaks His Foot, Still Has Time To Blast Browne While At The Hospital

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis is coming off of a mighty second round KO of Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 105 last weekend.

Lewis seemed to have suffered some damage to his midsection during the first round, but it would appear that his gut is the least of his worries.

A broken foot is never fun.

My foot is broken

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The heavyweight posted a video to Instagram of a doctor treating his foot. With little care for the pain, Lewis had this to say to the doctor, when he was told that it must have been a tough fight.

“Nah, I’ve been in tougher fights.” Lewis said.

Apparently, there is never a bad time to try to get a final burn on Browne, as far as Lewis is concerned. The two have been trash talking for a while now and UFC Fight Night 105 does not seem to have changed much.

Derrick Lewis defeated Travis Browne in the second round via KO.