Lewis Happy Ref Stopped Fight Late, Says Browne Deserves It For ‘Hitting Women’

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis pulled off a stunning knockout over Travis Browne in last night’s UFC Fight Night 105 main event in Halifax.

However, some believe that Lewis’s win could have simply been by TKO, had the referee stepped in just a little sooner.

Lewis stoically offered his opinion of the stoppage.

“I appreciate it,” Lewis said during his post-fight press conference. “Where he at? I’ll give him $1,000. I appreciate it for letting the fight go a little longer than it would, because I just want to get all my anger out on Travis’ face anyway, because he likes to hit on women. So I appreciate him for doing that.”

Lewis and Browne have been trash talking for some time now. Lewis has even gone as far as to accuse Browne of alleged domestic abuse in the past.

The brawl of UFC Fight Night 105 that put Lewis on a six fight win streak and dropped Lewis to a three fight losing streak does not appear to have changed Lewis’s mind on his opponent by much.