McGregor ‘Has No Boxing Skills’, Says Boxing Analyst Who Saw Him Train

Sports anchor Lindsay McCormick has recently seen “Notorious” training his boxing and she was not impressed.

UFC lightweight champion Conor “Notorious” McGregor is currently taking some time off from the UFC, while attempting to string together an epic cross-promotional bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in the process.

In an interview with ES News at a Floyd Mayweather party, sports anchor Lindsay McCormick admitted that she has recently watched the UFC champion practice his boxing.

“He was training with Tony Jeffries, who boxed in the Olympics for years in the U.K. In my mind, Tony Jeffries is a brilliant coach. With that said, it’s just different. Boxing and not using your legs…he just needs a lot of work before this fight would happen.”

McCormick considered the reasoning behind McGregor desiring $25 million for the bout and came to an unfortunate conclusion.

“I think the reason he is asking for so much money is because he knows, deep down, that he’s about to get blown out.” McCormick said. “He want’s to catch out, because he doesn’t know what it’s going to do to his UFC career.”

When asked why she thinks boxing and MMA fans alike are interested in the bout, McCormick responded “Because it’s like a bad car wreck. You’re going to watch it no matter what.”

Based on McGregor’s recent Instagram post, it’s unlikely that the UFC champion would agree.