Transgendered Teen Wins Wrestling Match After Opponent Refuses To Participate

A situation on the wrestling mat in Texas has gone viral and has a lot of people in an uproar. 17 year old Mack Beggs, a transgender high school wrestler who is transitioning to female to male, won a girls regional championship when her opponent, Madeline Rocha, forfeited the match.

A school district spokesperson said the decision to forfeit the match was made by Rocha and her family. Beggs coach, Travis Clark, also said the forfeit was expected but didn’t have any further comment.

“A wrestler is a wrestler all the way to the heart. They don’t care who the other player is, they don’t care about skin color or preference — they just want to wrestle,” Beggs grandmother told the Star-Telegram. “When the kids can’t wrestle, that’s what they don’t like. It’s difficult when there is outside interference.”

The staff from the Star-Telegram further stated that Beggs wanted to compete against males but is wanting to follow what the rules state.

“Beggs identifies as male but must compete against girls because of two UIL rules, one requiring student-athletes to compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate and the other prohibiting boys from wrestling girls. Beggs’ grandmother said Beggs wants to compete against boys but will follow UIL rules.”