UFC Changes Drug Testing Policies With USADA

The UFC and USADA are making some changes to the UFC anti-doping policy.

According to MMAfighting, The UFC and USADA are changing the rules regarding fighters returning to the UFC and the time fighters must be a part of the USADA testing pool before fighting in the UFC.

Under the new rules, which will go into effect on April 1, fighters who voluntarily left the UFC must be in the USADA testing pool for at least six months before they can fight inside the octagon.

Before, fighters had to undergo four months of testing before the could return to the UFC.

However, fighters who were released from the UFC, or making their promotional debut, will only have to be in the testing pool for one month before they can fight in the UFC.

These new rules can also be waived for fighters who are serving as late replacements for fighters who were forced off of a card due to circumstances unforeseeable by the UFC.