UFC Results: “Jucao” Carneiro and LaFlare Go To War In UFC 208 Opener

Grappling ace Roan “Jucao” Carneiro made his way to the center of the octagon for his featured UFC Fight Pass preliminary bout opposite of Ryal LaFlare. The two kicked off what looks to be an electric “UFC 208” pay-per-view in a packed Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Jucao did not shy away from standing with LaFlare in the center of the octagon and got the better of him in a couple exchanges. When LaFlare pursued his expected takedown attempt, Jucao fought it off with ease by simply shrugging him off. Jucao pulled guard with half the round remaining, trapping LaFlare in his half guard. LaFlare showed great awareness when he eventually made his way back to his feet, eventually backing Jucao up against the fence again. Instead of getting pushed into the fence, Jucao pressed LaFlare up against the fence to tire him out.

It didn’t take long for LaFlare to step out of danger, making his way back to the center of the octagon where he ate a nasty inside leg kick.

LaFlare showed aggression in the second round, pressing the action early. An errant slip would bring Jucao down to the mat where LaFlare followed him; Jucao, unphased by any strike, had full composure with his back on the ground and started looking for a hole in LaFlare’s game to present itself. The fight eventually made its way back to the center of the octagon, standing, and made its way back to the fence. LaFlare caught Jucao with a straight right hand that brought the action to the mat where LaFlare was tied up with Jucao’s legs.

Jucao masterfully escaped from the danger on the mat, making his way back to his feet where the action halted due to the end of the second round.

The two met inside the center of the octagon right away in the third and it was LaFlare who would get to push the pace first and score a takedown. Jucao made his way back to his feet again and a right hand from Jucao would slow LaFlare down. Jucao busted LaFlare open in the midst of a flurru on the ground and he picked up some big momentum toward the end of the third, cracking LaFlare with some stiff punches.

Jucao swept LaFlare to the mat and picked up top control where he worked for a transition to land the submisison. Jucao ultimately decided to strike his way to the final bell, landing some devastating shots until the horn sounded.

Ryan LaFlare def. Roan Carneiro by way of Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)