UFC Results: Rawlings And Torres Deliver FOTN Worthy Performance

Bec Rawlings made her highly anticipated return to the octagon at “UFC Fight Night 104”, kicking off the televised portion of preliminary fights oppose it of Tecia Torres in the cage.

Both Torres and Rawlings were quick to make it out to the center of the cage, but it was Torres who found her strike first. Rawlings’ lead leg absorbed some serious kicks before Torres changed the attack simply throwing her hands. Once Rawlings closed the distance and trapped Torres in her clinch, she landed some nice knees to the gut and head of Torres.

Rawlings came out much more aggressive in the second round, listening to her corner’s instructions to turn up the aggression. Rawlings landed a double-leg takedown at the start of the second, and teased a rear naked choke while working for a takedown. Torres shifted out of the hold and was pressed up against the fence to fend off some grinding offense from Tecia.

Rawlings tried to drag Torres down to the canvas with a head-and-arm throw, but Torres escaped mid-attempt and took the back of Bec with over a minute remaining in the fight. Rawlings fought off a rear naked choke attempt with ease and fought off a head-arm choke to eventually make it to the end of the round.

The leg kicks of Torres started to do its damage to the lead leg of Rawlings in the final round, but she kept pushing forward despite the pain. Torres pressed Rawlings up against the fence where Rawlings would slip to the canvas. She made her way back to her feet but it wasn’t long before Torres brought the fight back down to the canvas.

Torres took the back of Rawlings, hoping to lock in a rear naked choke. Rawlings, just as she did in the second, brilliantly fought off the choke attempt to make it to the judges’ decision.

Tecia Torres def. Bec Rawlings by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)