Video: UFC Champ vs. Dog The Bounty Hunter Crew Ends In Brutal Knockout

UFC Hall of Famer Don Frye once got into an altercation with the crew from the reality TV show Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Ten years ago, Frye got into a fight with Sonny Westbrook, who is a boxing trainer who regularly appeared on the television series.

Frye appears to get knocked out by Westbrook. Once Frye hit the ground, other people in the lobby separated the two combatants.

Frye was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2016 as part of the pioneer wing. He is a two-time UFC tournament winner and is a one-time runner-up.

In 1996, Frye made his MMA and UFC debut at UFC 8. He won three fights in one night to win that night’s tournament. In the finals, he submitted Gary Goodridge.

At UFC 10, Frye won two fights to make it to the finals of the tournament. He lost in the finals to fellow UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman.

Frye’s entire UFC career took place in the year 1996. His last appearance in the promotion took place in December that year when he won the UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournament. He once again defeated three fighters including Goodridge and Tank Abbott.