19 More Fighters Just Removed From UFC Roster

In the latest wave of UFC roster shifts, 19 fighters have been removed from the official UFC roster.

This news comes way of the always working UFCFIGHTERiNFO database scrubbers that keep a constant eye on the UFC’s published roster of fighters on UFC.com. This magical program has yet to miss the mark when it comes to the UFC ever evolving roster.

Here’s the list of removals today, as provided by the above referenced scrubber:

[Deleted] Yusuke Kasuya (Light)
[Deleted] Felipe Olivieri (Light)
[Deleted] Chris Avila (Feather)
[Deleted] Jason Novelli (Light)
[Deleted] Kyoji Horiguchi (Fly)
[Deleted] Li Jingliang (Welter)
[Deleted] Albert Tumenov (Welter)
[Deleted] Ricardo Abreu (Middle)
[Deleted] Brandon Thatch (Welter)
[Deleted] Nikita Krylov (Light Heavy)
[Deleted] James Moontasri (Welter)
[Deleted] Phillipe Nover (Feather)
[Deleted] Nicolas Dalby (Welter)
[Deleted] Dongi Yang (Middle)
[Deleted] Erick Montano (Welter)
[Deleted] Jocelyn Jones-Lyba… (Women’s Straw)
[Deleted] Kelly Faszholz (Women’s Bantam)
[Deleted] Valerie Letourneau (Women’s Straw)
[Deleted] J.C. Cottrell (Light)

Fighters are removed from the UFC roster for various reasons. Retirement and release of contract among them.

The UFCFIGHTERSiNFO scrubber also picked up an addition to the roster.