Angry UFC Fighter Planning Lawsuit After Failed USADA Test

UFC President, Dana White.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) joined forces to help rid the sport of mixed martial arts of performance enhancing drugs. Their goal is to rid the octagon of steroids and any other harmful drugs, which leaves the entire active roster to be randomly tested whenever USADA sees fit.

UFC welterweight George Sullivan tested positive for a banned substance for a test dating back in January while he was already serving a sanction dealt to him by USADA. Sullivan was flagged for clomiphene which can be used to treat male fertility.

Sullivan revealed he was trying to have a baby with his wife and was visited by USADA no more than two days after he started his treatment. He claims that he did not know clomiphene was in this product and plans to go after the company that failed to put that on any documents that he checked before putting it in his body. He told MyMMANews:

“I didn’t do nothing wrong. And it’s going to come out in the court cases when I go after this company and they know I’m coming after them. They’re not stupid.”

“They saw that I didn’t even test positive. It wasn’t even in my blood. So it’s crazy how that whole thing escalated into making me look bad and I had to serve a sentence because if I didn’t, how bad would the other company who tested it look?”

“Basically I was screwed over and I never took anything, willingly knowing I was taking an illegal supplement. That’s what hurt me the most. Everybody was like, ‘Oh, he took it.’ I didn’t even know it was in the bottle.”

“I didn’t do nothing wrong. And it’s gonna come out in the court cases when I go after this company.”