Bisping First Run In With Nate Diaz Included Two Middle Fingers And Some Cuss Words

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping might be one of the most outspoken fighters on the roster and has no problem letting the fans and his opponents know his true feelings. Perhaps the only other fighters with even less of a filter would be the Diaz brothers. Maybe that’s why the first time Michael Bisping met Nate Diaz, he came away with a great first impression of him.

Bisping shared the story of the first time he met the younger Diaz during his podcast earlier. (Transcribed via Bloody Elbow)

“The first time I met Nate Diaz, I was in Denver. There was a UFC event there and I was in for fight week doing some stuff. I was scheduled to fight Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, we were in Denver promoting the fight. I was in the elevator and Nick Diaz – sorry, Nate Diaz – walks in. I’m like ‘Hey Nate, how you doing’ and we shake hands briefly.

“No conversation, it was just one of those elevator rides, there was a few other people in there so everyone is standing there, kind of looking at the ceiling or whatever, waiting for the ride to pass. And then the doors open. Nate gets out, and just as the doors are shutting, he leans back in and goes ‘Oh, I forgot man. F—k Miller!’ and puts the two fingers up and walks off. And I just thought that was hilarious, it was great. I just thought ‘Okay, I like this guy. He’s cool.'”