Breaking: N. Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Tells Army To Prepare For War With The U.S.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered soldiers of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (better known as North Korea) to return from leave to return to their bases immediately as their forces transition into training for combat as tensions between North Korea, South Korea, and America have reached a boiling point.

The transition into going to combat mode has been made after seeing United States and South Korea’s military drills. Special forces are currently in Korea readying for a change in regime. Daily NK reports:

“The 1st Corps is responsible for the defense of areas considered vulnerable due to their proximity to South Korea, including areas of North Hwanghae Province, South Hwanghae Province, and Kangwon Province. According to the source, combat equipment including cannons (except marine artillery shells), tanks, and armored vehicles, are normally stored in mines and are moved to strategic operational positions whenever combat readiness orders are handed down.”

“The Civilian Affairs Administrative Police Unit comprises soldiers located in the Panmunjom area and along the border with South Korea. With the new orders, they must stay in battle uniform at all times, and all cadres below the rank of the commander are prohibited from commuting from their homes. The atmosphere is very tense as the soldiers on watch-keeping duty are replaced by officers of higher ranks,” a source in North Pyongan Province said.

“The authorities have told the troops to be ‘impervious to enemy provocation’ and the forward units are currently under a system of monitoring that requires immediate reporting. The Local Reserve Forces and the Worker-Peasant Red Guard (the largest civil defense force in North Korea) have been ordered to create fake base camps and cannons and deploy them in order to confuse satellite surveillance and complicate air strikes.”

However, the combat readiness orders in response to the combined military drills by South Korea and the US each year are becoming less potent over time. Both sources reported that many soldiers are loathe to change their routine. During such times, some soldiers find ways to desert their posts, either from weariness of what they see as futile efforts or in search of food.”