Michael Bisping Undergoes Successful Liposuction Procedure — Thanks Doc For His Abs

It would appear that “The Count” was back in the hospital today for another surgery on his knee, though this seems to have been a minor procedure.

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping has been recovering from a previous knee surgery. With a torn meniscus and a few of bumps and scrapes, the champion decided to have some work done.

Now, “The Count” has returned to the hospital for a more proactive procedure. With no necessary post-op recovery, Bisping’s stomach fat was placed in his knee, to hopefully prevent future problems. In other words, the champion had some liposuction.

In a recent post to Instagram, Bisping said

“Just had a little final procedure done to my knee to help it help long term. No recovery, I’ll be in the gym later today, but I was sedated. They took fat from my stomach (liposuction) and injected it into my knee. Cutting edge stuff. Thank you @stevemoramd for helping and also for eliminating the need for some sit ups 🙂 win, win!”