Brian Stann Exposes Yoel Romero As Potential Worst Cheat In MMA

UFC color commentator Brian Stann made some intense accusations against “Soldier of God” last November. He even believes Yoel Romero needs to be “held accountable.”

During an appearance on Sirius XM, Stann gave his opinion of the No. 1 ranked UFC middleweight.

“This guy will do anything to win a fight. When I say anything, I mean anything. Bending the rules, he’ll do anything. In my opinion, it needs to get stopped. It’s up to people like me, in the media, who have a voice, to make sure he understands that, ‘hey Yoel, we see you doing it, we see your corner doing it.’ The commissions need to see, and look back on the film, and there may be some people who aren’t allowed to corner you anymore if they’re going to continue these antics. You gotta answer the bell and get off the stool, no matter how tired you are. We’ve seen that trick too many times before. You gotta stop grabbing the fence. Referees, when it’s egregious and it could alter the position of a fight, they’re gonna take a point away from this guy. And they gotta do that. They need to do that with this guy, and hold him accountable, because in every fight we’re seeing some of this stuff. The most important thing for Yoel to hear, is it’s going to tarnish your legacy.”

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping recently admitted that he is considering taking on Yoel Romero if his bout with Georges St-Pierre is not moved forward to an earlier date, though Romero believes it is only a bluff.